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MySpace Bulletin: New Album?

Woo! Rob posted a bulletin about the goings-on with the next album (in the cut). So... I got a *little*

From MySpace bulletin:
From Silence Comes Noise

Hope everything is good in your lives and reason isnt sleeping.

All is pleasant in the world of The Music.

Id like to say a massive thank you to all that came to the gigs we have done recently.Playing again made us realise what this means to us all and what we mean to our friends.So...thank you.

We are hoping to record the album in June of this year.Unfortnatly it will mean that UK festivals are not available to us this year.Next year shall be massive tho!

Gigs are to be put on hold until the record is finished now as we want to return with something different and special.After the record we are going to work hard on creating a live show that is second to none!

Hope this answers any questions.

Hello to our friends around the world x

Love ROB (The Music)

So earliest could be a fall 2007 release?
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