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Hey everyone, I'm new here so I figured I'd say hi... so HI. My name is David, I'm 20 from Queensland (Australia). I've also been a big fan of The Music for a while now. Since I'm here anyway I should show you all the pictures I took at the Gold Coast Big Day Out. I travelled by plane, train and bus over a whole day just to see them, then back again two days later. Some are a bit blurry but that's what you get for being front row in the moshpit... I had to fight to keep my camera dry through all the water being sprayed on us with hoses, as it was the middle of the day in direct sun. Nothing beats the conversation some random girl started with me on the bus afterwards as well... "So who was your favourite today?" "Definitely The Music by far, I came from up north just to see them" "Aww come on, you can't just like the music, you have to like SOME band..."

Anyways, enjoy ;)

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